Reliable and safe environment for everyone, seeking to eliminate fraudulent users without harming the experience on the platform.
Reliability and security
Delivery mode choice feature, giving both buyer and seller flexibility and security.
Personalized account page that provides access to the most relevant parts of OLX, considering both private and professional profiles.
Customization for
user profiles
New templates by strategic categories, helping and simplifying the users' journey.
Specialized and contextual experience
Simpler, more objective and accessible way of navigating. The goal is to highlight the features on all platforms, ending with inconsistencies.
Simple and consistent navigation
Chat, notifications and support in a single, easy-to-access location for better contact management. Communication by audio and video call, simplifying negotiation between buyers and sellers
Communication with quality
UI Presentation
The prototypes generated in the dynamics had a quick and remote conceptual validation with real users and segmented by category and region. After analyzing the tests, adjustments and visual refinements were made to the interface and the teams from each vertical were responsible for the adoption and monitoring of the new proposals.


Co-creation workshop involving stakeholders and technology teams. Participants were divided into groups and generated low-fidelity prototypes at the end of the dynamic.


make us transactional while keeping it simple
of use and
increase perception security and credibility?
Make the shopping experience more specialized and attractive?
How Might We...
Pains and needs
Prioritization of pain points in buyer and seller journeys, in private and professional profiles.
Strategic analysis of product perception by users, compared to other similar players. Functional, emotional and social factors were considered in the study.

Market perception


Visual Design
In a scenario of adaptation of the company to the transactional model of the marketplace, there was a need to understand the new market, prioritize strategic user pain points and propose a new experience for the platform.


OLX Brazil Product Vision